Mornings VS Evenings-When is the best time to work out?

Morning? Evenings?

When it comes to early morning workouts vs evening workouts each has their own merits when it comes to providing fitness benefits.

In most cases the decision of whether to workout in the morning or the evening will come down to the personal preference of each individual.

Below are a couple reasons why each is better, you decide.

Working out in the morning before you have time to change your mind, builds consistency. Because realistically if you say “I’ll workout later, or after work” 7 times out of 10 you put it off.

No waiting!

It drives us up the wall when we have to wait for a machine at the gym. It’s even worse when someone takes the weights you were using when you went to get a drink of water. If you train early enough, though, you’ll have the pleasure of sharing the space and the equipment with only a few like-minded folks. Working out jump starts your metabolism and helps keep it elevated for hours. Why not get your engines running as soon as possible?
Increases mental awareness.

You may have noticed that you feel more alert and ready to take on whatever challenge or curveball life throws your way after a good workout. If you train before your work day begins, you’ll be better equipped to deal with the up-hill battles presented to you at the office.
Promotes good sleeping habits.

Working out regularly results in better sleeping patterns and better sleep quality. Your body will tell you that it’s time for bed, but knowing that you have to get up to train the next morning will also help you hit the racks at a decent hour.


You’ll sweat out your stress after a long day.

Rough day at the office? Exercise boosts endorphin production—which relieves stress. Researchers say you only need 20 minutes to unwind your mind, making this one of the fastest ways to relieve stress ever!

You have more energy to dominate your workout.

Chances are you do not feel so sleepy like you can in the morning.You’re usually warmed up and ready to crush it. And honestly, who doesn’t want to crush their workout?
Your sleep won’t be disrupted Believe it or not, exercising at night isn’t a snooze saboteur. A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation found that, compared to non-exercisers, people who work out are more likely to say they sleep well no matter when they broke a sweat. Score!
In fact, you could sleep much better, practicing yoga before bedtime can help you rest peacefully through the night.

So ultimately, it’s your decision. At my house I am up at 4:30am 3 days a week to work out, but the other 3 days I go for runs after work. I have found this works for my body and my schedule!

What do you think? When is the best time to work out?

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