6 ways to Adopt a Paleo Lifestyle for your Family


You may have heard of the paleo diet, but there is a whole lifestyle surrounding the principles of living closer to way humans did in the paleolithic era that can benefit the wellness of our family. The modern day interpretation of this lifestyle is to get more in tune with our primal human nature and to work with it rather than against it to achieve our optimal health and fitness.

A paleo diet

Get rid of all the processed food in your cupboard and adopt a cleaner approach to eating instead. People in the paleolithic era lived a hunter-gather lifestyle. All of their food could be naturally gathered from the ground or hunted. The paleo diet includes fresh fish and meats, and does not rely solely on a vegan or vegetarian approach to meal planning. Eat as many fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts as possible. Incorporate fermented foods into your family’s diet, such as kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut. These foods have natural bacteria that balance the flora in our stomachs and leads to improved immune systems.

Full body Fitness

Vary your family’s exercise routines with more natural movements than what you would do at the gym. In paleolithic times, people were constantly active and moving their bodies. The sedentary lifestyle that modern society promotes is poor for our health and goes against our natural gene expression. This translates to poor muscle development and bad overall health. Encourage your family to engage in exercise routines that use the full body, such as swimming, hiking, crawling and jumping. These kinds of exercises are more natural for our bodies. Keep your family active by playing physical games with your children, such as tag.

Regulate your sleep cycles

For better overall wellness, try to regulate your family’s sleep cycle with the rise and setting of the sun. Our bodies go to work and heal themselves while we are sleeping. It is not only important to get a full nights rest, but to get quality sleep as well. Our bodies are more attuned to sleeping deeper when it is dark, so you can maximize your body’s healing potential if you sync your sleep cycle with the night. Encourage your children to sleep without a night light, and set an example by going to bed earlier yourself.

Social wellness

Teach your children to develop close relationships with their peers. The paleo lifestyle encourages strong bonds within a community. Socializing your children to adopt concrete relationships with their peers will ensure that they have an emotional support group as they grow older rather than hundreds of superficial acquaintances. The paleo approach to friendship encourages putting time and energy on healthy relationships that will help you grow and develop as a person. This will serve the overall emotional wellness of your family, and ward of problems of alienation or depression.

Connect with nature

Paleolithic people were very much in touch with nature, which is something that many urban dwelling people are lacking in abundance. Connecting with the cycles of the earth will help you and your family decrease stress, improve your health, and increase fitness. Gardening is a great activity that you can get the whole family involved in. Not only will you benefit from the increased exposure to vitamin D, via time spent in the sunlight, your exposure to beneficial bacteria in the earth will increase your immune system, leading to fewer sicknesses over time. Gardening is a great full body work out, that also teaches your family to slow down and appreciate the small things in life. Connecting with nature in this way has been proven to decrease stress, which is the root cause of a decreased immune system.

Changing your families lifestyle is a process, things shouldn’t be changed radically right away. Try taking things 1 step at a time. You will be able to adopt the lifestyle a little easier than quitting everything and going cold turkey into it.

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