4 Ways to Balance Working-Mom Life

Working moms eat, breathe and live stress day in, and day out.  In fact, because women are so good at multi-tasking, the level of stress they absorb would send most men into cardiac arrest.

These feelings are just part of being a mom — especially if you are working full time. But there is no need for you to let your worries or feelings of guilt get in your way of being both a great mom and employee. As a mother, it is important to take necessary steps to ensure that you don’t feel guilty about your career choices or suffer from anxiety overload.

Doing this is crucial to creating space for your health and your family’s health.

Focus on Being Present

Whether you choose to work at home or at the office, the most important thing is to focus on being present. Your children and family will benefit from your quality time over quantity time — every time. This is a hard one, but if you use the systems below it becomes much easier. When I get home from work my cell phone goes on the charger, the tablets, computers and tv’s stay off. My son and I cook dinner together, then play afterwards and start the nightly bedtime routine. Getting “rid off” these other distractions during the week has really helped me be present and enjoy more one on one time with him.

Transition Between the Office and Home

Whatever works for you, do it! Maybe it’s a drive, a coffee or a visit with a friend but try to transition between work and home mode. You will feel more connected, far less strained and your children will thank you. I tend to go to the gym after work, it helps me switch work me off, get a workout in and gets me ready for mom-mode.

Schedule Your Personal Time As Appointments

It took some time for me to figure this one out. Your personal time is important — critical to your family’s health. Personal time may mean getting your nails done, visiting a friend, sitting by yourself or running around for the family, but it’s all important. I struggled asking for help, in the sense of asking family to watch my son for a couple hours so I could have “me” time. I mean I’m already gone from him 40 hours a week why do I need more time away? I still struggle with this every now and then, But once I have those 2 hours to myself, I feel refreshed and less stressed and I can be a better mom

Find perspective

If you are at work right now, you’re probably wishing you were at home. But guess what? You may not be that much more satisfied if you stayed at home full time. Many working mothers wish they were home with their children, and while at home, wish they were back at work. Bottom line? Being a mom is a tough job, no matter how you slice it. But if you gain perspective on your situation and are confident about why you’re working (or staying at home — whatever the case may be), you can get through even the toughest days with less guilt.

As mothers, we want to give our children our time and the best versions of ourselves. These are ways you can do that.

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