16 Things You know as a Mom of a Threenager

The threenager is that age when your 3-year-old continually acts like they are going on 13. They have an attitude for miles, a stubborn streak, and want what they want… when they want. Hell hath no fury like a threenager who refuses to nap.


So I know I don’t post “parenting” articles on here too much but with recent things going on in my household I figured I’d let you all in on something…my child is a THREENAGER to the umpteenth degree.

Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE my son, and being a mom but let’s be real here..some of us just hide our crazy really well!

I’m only half way through the threenager year but I have some insight for you.

Below are my 16 things that I’ve dealt with in the last 6 months with my threenager..

1. The total mind screw that is potty training.

2. His audible reaction to your gentle suggestion that he takes a nap makes the neighbors think you’re killing cats for sport.

3. That the switch from having a deliciously charming toddler to having a psychological terrorist living among you is swift and shocking.

4. At times you suspect he hates you.

5. It’s so adorable when he “reads” his board books to you before bed, until the moment he throws it at your head when he’s done.

6. He insists on feeding himself like a big boy but mostly just feeds his cheeks/shirt/lap.

7. That he’s totally old enough to not be in a stroller anymore but you totally don’t have the mental energy to deal with asking him to HURRY UP FOR CRIPES SAKE a thousand times per yard of distance needed to be traveled.

8. He expected bedtime is theoretical.

9. Pretending you’re sad to see your baby go to school for the first time then doing cartwheels on the way back to your blessedly silent car.

10. How he can make you belly laugh until you cry as well as cry until you belly laugh.

11. “Irrational” is his middle name.

12. Loving that your genuinely curious tot really does want to know “Why?” everything, but also wanting to bash your head against a wall to make it stop after the 300th “Why?” that day.


13. He incessantly tells you he needs you, and yells it at the top of his lungs, and when you come running, he says “I just need you in here with me” You don’t know whether to strangle him or hug him and kiss on him.

14. The tantrums are even worse than the ones he had when he was 2, but you’ve been a parent long enough now that you only respond by dryly saying, “Let me know when you’re done here, buddy” then go back to sipping your coffee.

15. That someone who weighs 30 pounds can magically increase his density to weigh approximately five times that when he doesn’t want to get in his car seat.

16. He has two moods: raging mad at you or adorably in love with you.



Now I know after reading this you all are shaking your head in approval, and you know what…Just pour your self that big glass of wine you deserve!

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